Who's this "Nokdef" guy anyways?

Hello World;

It feels quite pretentious writing about myself on a website that is quintessentially about technical topics, but I do feel entitled to a few paragraphs on the spotlight for all my effort.

I'm a 22-year-old Brazilian who wants to spread my knowledge around. My actual name is Leonardo, and I'm a cat-loving, Dota addicted Technical Artist. I stumbled on game development through Valve's modding community and have managed to monetized my hobby through shaders and visual effects ever since.
I've worked on the gaming industry since I was 18 and made Dota 2 mods even before that! I'd tell you about my dark RPG Maker years, but my cringe impulses prevent me from doing so.

I'm currently working on a couple of personal projects, such as Piloto Studio which is my arthouse/asset store business, Piloto Tutorials which is where I post tutorials hyper-frequently and finally I'm also leading the Unity Development on the successor to Ability Arena.

On this website, you'll find mostly tutorial-esque notes on everything related to Technical Art and VFX. I'll also likely share some of my personal notes which led to tutorials for Piloto. Some general insights onto other aspects of my professional life could be shared here too.

If you'd like to have any business inquiries, please don't be afraid to reach out at leonardo.v.alvarez@hotmail.com.